Leadership in Multimedia Publishing

Welcome to Waystone Media Development, where innovation, creativity, and leadership converge to redefine the multimedia landscape. Founded by a trio of accomplished individuals – Jeff Welch, Dr. Mark Smith, and Dusten Trounce – WMD stands as a beacon of excellence in multimedia publishing.

Jeff Welch, with his extensive experience in technology, security, and law enforcement, brings strategic insight and a robust understanding of stakeholder relationships. His academic achievements in Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Social Psychology complement his leadership roles at Helium 3 Media and Grab The Axe Security Consulting, making him a pivotal figure in WMD’s journey.

Dr. Mark Smith, an expert in leadership and management, anchors the team with over 15 years of experience in guiding teams across various industries. With an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, and an MS in Leadership, Dr. Smith’s passion for leadership is not just academic; it’s a lived experience. Currently the Program Chair of Business Graduate Studies at the University of Advancing Technology, his insights and recognition in the field add a rich layer of depth to WMD’s strategic direction.

Dusten Trounce, a versatile writer and co-owner of Grab the Axe, brings a wealth of experience in security consulting, law enforcement, and sales strategy. Raised in rural Alaska, Dusten’s values of self-sufficiency and teamwork shine through in his writing and entrepreneurial ventures. His commitment to problem-solving, effective communication, and a bias for action are evident in his approach to business and writing. His diverse perspectives on topics like AI, machine learning, and ethics enrich the content at WMD with practical insights and innovative ideas.

Together, this dynamic trio published “The Power of A.I.: How It Can Revolutionize Your Business and Propel You to Success,” marking WMD’s foray into independent publishing. At WMD, we specialize in high-quality books, podcasts, videos, academic publications, and speaking engagements, fostering a platform for diverse authors and media producers. Our commitment to excellence and innovation aims to provide content that educates, engages, and inspires audiences worldwide.

Join us at Waystone Media Development as we embark on a journey to empower creativity and knowledge sharing in the ever-evolving world of multimedia.

Leadership in Multimedia Publishing